The return of the cute and irreverent Vash the Stampede to the series Trigun: Stampede surprised the entire industry. Fans of Nightow's work will soon be able to return to this futuristic western universe, and to celebrate this new beginning the author has created a great illustration himself.

Yasuhiro Nightow has already expressed his opinion on this type of reboot, particularly in relation to the technology used, the use of 3D animation and CGI by the Orange studio and how this could lead a better representation of his imaginary respect as seen in the past. If you only look at the first version that hit the screens in the late 90s, the mangaka drew the meeting between Vash the Stampede as we have known him for years and the new Vash, set to debut on January 7, 2023 in the new series.

The illustration featured in the post shared by Nightow himself on social media, which you can find below, was created for the as stated in the message Advertisement for manga published by Shonen Gahosha Publishing House, which, in addition to Trigun, can count works of the caliber of Hellsing, Sun Ken Rock and Battle Club.In the drawing, we notice the many design differences, from Vash's left arm to the changes in outfit and hair. Let us know what you think in the comments.

In conclusion, we leave you with the latest Trigun Stampede trailer and latest and enigmatic key visual.

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