The events on the interesting island of Egghead, the place where the Mugiwaras found the brilliant Dr. Met Vegapunk, the world's most brilliant scientist in person ONE PIECE, were overthrown by the arrival of powerful opponents. While we wait to find out how the ending of this short saga will unfold, let's discover Vegapunk's true intentions.

Presented as a mysterious character who has divided his genius and personality into six "satellite" bodies, Vegapunk is often perceived as the one who it has provided very powerful weapons to the world government, from which he continued to receive significant funding. In reality, Vegapunk carried out this search for weapons and obnoxious objects in order to have the money necessary to fulfill his dream: to create a world where energy is abundant, accessible to all and free.

Interested in retrieving the ancient energy that powered the machines during the hundred years of the Great Void, the scientist intends to leave the island as soon as possible and asks Luffy to set sail along with the Mugiwara on the Thousand Sunny to prick. Obviously this could involve the protagonists further clashes with world government agents, as is already happening with CP0 members. Although Luffy cannot understand the magnitude of what Vegapunk wants to achieve, he agrees to let him board his ship.

Do you think the scientist will really succeed in his project? And if successful, what role will the lost ancient energy play in the final saga? Tell us yours in the comments. Finally, we remind you that an important announcement of ONE PIECE will arrive soon and we leave you with a beautiful cosplay of Perona.

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