What are the most expensive Pokémon cards?  One of them costs more than a house

The world of Pokémon It not only lays its foundations in the video game and television sectors, but has built its impressive success on extremely flourishing merchandising, particularly the famous trading card game. So here are the most expensive cards in the franchise and how much they're worth in the market.

The trading card market has always fascinated enthusiasts and collectors, especially thanks to the presence of priceless pieces:

  • In fact, the Pokémon Illustrator card only sold for 230,000 euros a few months ago, practically the price of a much more than humble house. The same is in fact the most expensive and rarest card in the entire franchise, produced in only 39 different copies. in addition, it has no specific effect other than a memorial descriptionSo it's impossible to actually play it. In any case, under conditions that cannot be optimized, Pokémon Illustrator can also be found with lower numbers, but without falling below 50,000 euros.
  • The famous map of Raichou PRELEASE, accidentally created and marketed. Most copies were salvaged and destroyed by the publisher, but some are still on the market for around $ 10,000.
  • Luminous wizardFrom the Neo Destiny Expansion Pack, the first Shiny to come in a bundle, it is possible today to find it for no less than a thousand dollars.
  • Tropical wind, a Treiner card with a Psyduck illustration released at a tournament in 1999-2000. One of these sold for over $ 20,000 two years ago. On ebay it is possible to buy another one for the enormous number of half a million euros
  • Pikachu Victory Ring 2005, sold for a whopping $ 10,000 last year, as well as a limited edition version of the Kangaskhan however only granted to some players in a 1998 tournament;
  • Always around 10,000 US dollars are also noticed Master key, already famous in the world of Pokémon cards, reserved for only 36 participants in a 2010 tournament;
  • Espeon Gold Star, only available from members of the Daisuki Pokémon fan club for 50,000 club points, quite a few. To date, the price is very variable around $ 1,000 and $ 3,000;
  • Snap cards, released in 1999 with the Nintendo 64 game of the same name from Pokémon Snap. One of them was sold for around 12,000 euros.

There are many extremely rare ones on the net, these are just some of the treasures of the famous card game. On the other hand, have you ever found any? Let us know with a comment below.

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