Hunter x Hunter: A parody video recaps the story of Gon and his companions

First published on the Weekly Shonen Jump website in March 1998, Hunter X Hunter is a series that is able to delight readers, delight them thanks to the nuances that characterize each important character and bring them to the dangerous world of the hunter. One fan wanted to sum it all up in a nice video.

The Gon Freecs dream Becoming a hunter and finding his father, Ging is still able to conquer the new generations of readers, the uninterrupted breaks, the waiting for the manga to end and the negative balance of 79 weeks without the publication of the new chapters that remove many the universe created by Yoshiro Togashi.

With the aim of Sum up the narrative core of Hunter x Hunter in a very nice way and extremely quickly, the user @blackexcellencebaby shared the video at the end of the news on Reddit. The fan took on the role of Gon and other main characters, showing how the goal of the protagonist influenced the actions of his companions.

In the search for his father, Gon was confronted with various more or less complicated situations in which he was often accompanied by Killua. Leorio has decided to pursue her dreams after seeing Gon's determination as Kurapika's tragic story is summed up with the last Kurutas trying to kill spiders Ghost Brigade who exterminated his clan.

Recently, Chrollo Lucifer came to life with a faithful cosplay, and we recall that according to Togashi, Hunter x Hunter could have finished even a few chapters ago after the Hunter President's election sheet.

Hunter x Hunter in a nutshell by r / HunterXHunter

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