Tomura Shigaraki never stops. The enemy of My Hero Academia puts all the heroes' attention on him and for that he now has to get rid of those who make him more vulnerable. The Chapter 281 of My Hero Academia shows us its movement in that direction.

After Gran Torino was killed in one blow, Shigaraki tries to charge Shota Aizawa. The Yuei professor kept him in check for several chapters thanks to his eye power. In fact, Shigaraki can only use his natural physical strength and regeneration quirk that Dr. Garaki gave. Once he's rid of Eraserhead, he'll be able to re-use his entire arsenal, just like he did when he woke up.

For that in My Hero Academia 281 Let's see how he tries to get the professor out of the way. But Ryukyu first and Deku stop him. But Shigaraki shows that he still has an ace up his sleeve and pulls out some anti-quirk bullets. The My Hero Academia villain is aiming at Aizawa and if he hits the target it would mean being free from all restrictions. At this point it would not be difficult for anyone to knock him out, considering the lethality of his powers as well as the natural of decay.

Will Shigaraki be able to meet Eraserhead?? We'll find out in My Hero Academia 282 next week.

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