It has not been an easy week for the manga sector, due to the Coronavirus that has increasingly taken hold in Japan. A contagion in the editorial staff of Shueisha forced the postponement of Weekly Shonen Jump, a magazine which then went on hiatus also for the annual holiday of the Golden Week. But now our favorite heroes are back with the number 23.

For his return to Japanese comics, Weekly Shonen Jump presented the classic issue with a festive cover which brings together all the protagonists of the 20 manga in progress. At the bottom we can see the illustration, still in low quality, with the underlying theme: the koinobori. This sort of carp-shaped kites are made of paper and cloth and are used for celebrate Children's Day, or Kodomo no Hi, which falls every May 5th.

Obviously Weekly Shonen Jump does not miss the opportunity to reiterate what the magazine's ranks are. As with any group cover, in fact, the protagonists of the most popular manga are put on the front line and designed in a bigger way than the others. And naturally in the foreground is Luffy from ONE PIECE. Immediately alongside there is the flagship quartet of Weekly Shonen Jump composed of the protagonists of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, The Promised Neverland, Haikyu !! is My Hero Academia.

Behind them are all the others, including the protagonists of two of the three new Weekly Shonen Jump series, Mori King and Bone Collection. The first chapter of Time Paradox Ghost Writer will arrive next week but also the conclusion of Demon Slayer, the most explosive success of the last few years.

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