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Chapter 8: Shadows of memory

Gleipnir chapters eight and nine, Despite the scale of the destruction around Shuichi and Yoshioka, the fact that no one remembers what happened creates doubts about what actually happened. The best conclusion they reach is that intervention by another group except the pair and caused all destruction. Although not everyone agrees with what happened, the remaining members proceed to introduce themselves and demonstrate their abilities, something that Claire and Shuichi also do.

Finished the demonstration, the group begins to separate for today after having finished share all relevant information. However, Claire before leaving the place approaches Yoshioka, alone. But his current motive is not spite, but distrust, because Claire believes that Yoshioka does remember what happened, to which she responds in the same way as before. Although, if you give Claire one last comment questioning if she really supports Shuichi.

This experience has certainly given many things to think about, it has created grudges and mistrust, but one of them took a little more than what I expected. During the night of the following day, Elena receives a call from a Unknown number. The caller turns out to be Yoshioka, who claims to have obtained the number after seeing it in Shuichi's memories. I make this call with the purpose of understanding what exactly happened, and trying to convince Elena to join her group. However, although he got the answers that I was looking, I could not convince Elena to support them. The next day, the group takes the initiative, and after determining the probable location of the ship alien, this is directed to this in order to get the hundred coins to instant.


Since I started writing for Gleipnir, one of the elements that I am constantly mentioning or appreciating, is the relationship between Claire and Shuichi. I gave quite a bit of credit to this element of the series, and honestly, I expected quite a bit more from the dynamic between personality and situation that they both faced separately. It did not develop the way I wanted it to, but it has still been successful the vast majority of the time. However, this did not come from a question of compatibility, but from contrast between the characters.

Just like Yoshioka mentions, Claire and Shuichi are not exactly what I would call compatible with each other, at least not under normal circumstances. Even if the argument is made that Claire possesses something that complements the perfection to Shuichi, this only happens thanks to the peculiar transformation of Shuichi.

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Is a interesting element how the series incorporates the idea of ​​necessity and compatibility by having the protagonist's skill closely related with the idea of ​​having someone to "complete" it. Here i would think i shouldn't There may be a problem with Claire being the one to use Shuichi, but that's where I realize that I use the word "use".

TO unlike Yoshioka, who has a personality somewhat more similar to that of Shuichi, Claire has one that complements the areas that favor Shuichi, only when it is transformed. It is not to say that she is not a good support for Shuichi, as it is shown that this manages to grow partly thanks to the Claire's presence. However, differences in personality create the idea that they "become one" for a common goal, and not for an understanding or desire mutual.

At least that's the case for now. It is clear that the series seeks to develop a relationship between them to go beyond this whole situation with monsters and coins. This I would say is a vital point to credibly develop this idea that one can become one to such an extent that it resembles that shown in the previous episode. The fusion shown I think will be key in the future, so this idea will not only favor the relationship of the characters, but it will also introduce a new ability to give more variety to battles and have how to compare with characters at the level of Sambe. Of course, first you have to see how they handle this situation and the past relationship that Elena and Shuichi shared, which reminds me ...

Memories overwritten inconsistent

This is something different from what I imagined. In short, it is not amnesia, which in Hindsight should have been obvious. I'm not sure how I don't consider it well, I say, even if you clearly don't remember reality, it's not like you would have ever shown lacking any memory. Actually even It is impressive to see that this is the first time that a inconsistency between Shuichi's memories and someone else's.

Leaving that Side detail, it is more important to consider how this works for the series. You have the situation that, somehow, Shuichi's memories were overwritten, so to speak. He was not forced to forget anything, he was just replaced with a version, I assume, that it has no trace of Elena.

Most interesting of this situation, it comes in a similar way to how Claire can feel Shuichi's emotions and vice versa, but, using the fusion with Yoshioka as an example. Here it is more unusual, he does not remember anything and could not observe Yoshioka's memories, but with her that was not the case. What I'm trying to get at with all this is that the memories don't go away, that's normal even in this world, but seeing your memories overwritten is something totally different. It is especially unusual if someone else can come to recognize true memories rather than witness false ones.

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This effectively puts Yoshioka in an interesting position in the situation Elena, Claire and Shuichi. Indeed, she and Elena are the only ones who have this information, but she is not part of the enemy and has Claire suspecting her. Whether she likes it or not, this fact places her in the center of the storm. Given its nature, I doubt that you will attempt to use this knowledge of relevant way, but still she is now a vital element to unlock the Shuichi's maximum potential, as well as to give a definitive closure to this triangle loving (it's easier to call it that, although I have my doubts about using the I end here.)

Of Either way, I'm enjoying how this complicated relationship unfolds past and its repercussions that it will inevitably have on the present. Is difficult to consider as reactionary someone about it. It could be that the present has more weight than the past, or one could also refuse to betray the past that I appreciate so much at the time. This past especially, It practically caused all the problems that Shuichi, Claire and Elena face Right now, ultimately, it won't be something that can be taken lightly.

Chapter 9: Mark of Conflict

Gleipnir chapters eight and nine, With a destination in mind, the group continues to delve into the mountain believing that they will finally find a way to collect the hundred coins immediately. On their way, however, it doesn't take long before they encounter enemy territory, marked by a grim symbol. Wanting to avoid conflict as much as possible, the group chooses to surround the marked area, despite being a considerable detour. This change of route certainly begins to show through the weariness of the group, therefore, a rest is decided next to a small river.

While for most of the group this was a good opportunity to relax, Yoshioka is somewhat uneasy due to the information she has, and she doubts the rest should be told. Unfortunately the time is not enough for make a decision, as the group soon gets going. Although, having With that said, it doesn't take long for them to stop again, the difference here is that their lives are now in danger.

Claire noticed how the enemy was attracting its prey and how the group had walked straight into an ambush. Thanks to the fact that the group realized this began their escape before the enemy made their move, but this did not unless one of them reached them. This enemy transformed into a Giant centipede easily defeated Shuichi and captured the leader. But equal easy, Youta defeated him practically with one blow. It starts again to escape, and again they are chased. The difference is that this time, The one who reaches the group is not just any enemy, but the leader of the rival group, who in addition to possessing overwhelming strength, is interested in Shuichi and Claire.

Dynamic team

They have a nice team and the whole thing, but what I want to see is how they develop in a real setting, where their lives are at risk. The most episode “Relaxed”, at least inside the base, were a good introduction for the members of the group that Claire and Shuichi joined. Nothing exaggerated, just what necessary, making clear who the characters will be the most and who are not so important. Although of course, introducing a bit of their personalities.

That is fine and all, but I would say that, considering the nature of this series and the considerable lack of power in this group, it is more interesting for me to see how they developed in a hostile environment. His abilities have some practical applications but they're not that big of a deal in combat so I Imagine that you would get more out of the utilitarian part of the skills. Some are definitely within the range I wish I had and I know I could use.

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From the part to send someone for recognition, I'm surprised that they have chosen to the camera instead of invisibility. Even if it makes noise, someone will careful enough with such a skill could leave many intact espionage situations. That's the main reason someone wanted be invisible, right? you know, for espionage and the like. Okay, forget that.

Even so, I would say that they use much better than I imagined the ability of the camera as one of the best ways to detect danger. With Shuichi's nose Most situations are covered, but this increased vision and ability to record everything you see can be vital to gather information that only smell would not provide. Although, following this way of thinking, I thought they would get more out of Yoshioka's ability, after all, Animals know such terrain, its dangers and changes better than anyone. Me at least he would have tried to use it as soon as the opportunity arose. Bah, I'm complaining, if you give me a girl with cat ears, or fox, or wolf, I won't I will complain about how much or when they will give you a greater role in the team.

And by last, the ability to grow plants is practical, but not needed say more than what was seen, maybe if it worked faster it could be given use in combat, but the same, although not very interesting, relevant to all shapes. Youta is the one I want to talk a little about, as it is the greatest strength from the group, I expected to see a more radical transformation. But I like this better, simple is sometimes better. Only the marks, the "smoke" and the expression on his face tell me everything I need to know. He is great and has a pretty fist powerful. He's someone quite nice and friendly, and I like how they added the part of fighting in his past. It is good to see such a character in the group, I just want to see the two guardians of the group in action a bit more.

Is a group balanced. Not much stands out from this, but at least the work of have someone to help move the protagonists with a goal in mind. there are also the elements that will help progress the growth of the characters, but that's something to leave with the future in mind.

Better not underestimate the enemy

They know how much fun it is to see someone totally confident say something only to find himself in the exact problem that he claimed to have under control. It is a lot of fun, it's what made me laugh the most Gleipnir This time. Quite the confidence in saying that his group was smarter than the rest, quite the confidence in saying that they were very good at running away. Surprise, they were really overestimating themselves. It is one of those things that when seeing a character become aware of reality, in some cases, it is what gives me the most pleasure.

All this I mention it because the antagonist featured in this episode turned out to be someone a little different than I expected, with a somewhat satisfactory. The half psycho part was a dice, everyone involved in This conflict must have at least some loose screws. I would be satisfied with the first coin, but that is irrelevant here. Not so irrelevant, is the organization and performance shown in this enemy group.

They are opponents tough, because while I wouldn't call them strategists, they're definitely smarter than the typical insane people who make up the group. In that sense, their leader It is somewhat peculiar with his unusual "appreciation" towards his subordinates. Up to me I would risk saying that you can be quite reasonable as long as you are not Oppose directly, the result of this was more than clear.

Actually, I appreciate seeing that we are not dealing with a typical psychopath who leads his men through fear. The fact that they have given you more elements than make him a convincing leader for all these insane make him an antagonist more interesting and credible by showing himself as an opposing force.

He has a unusual charisma that goes perfectly with his group, seems to plan with good of your group in mind, of course, to advance your goal with a combination of his immense strength and strategy that leaves his group with the advantage. Those are elements they can be terrifying when combined into one force. Even if I imagine that from now on the only thing relevant in combat will be his strength Given the situation.

Plus Interesting, is his reaction to Claire and Shuichi. Maybe it's just curiosity, but the fact that he's interested in the duo means that the next episode it will be more relaxed at the start. I wonder what the interaction between Claire will be like and the enemy before inevitably going into conflict.

Opinion Final

Two somewhat slow episodes for my taste, but still had a good fraction of interesting moments to make sure I don't lose my interest. I mean, the group and the whole thing is fine, it has interesting interactions that maybe worth seeing later, just a little bit with your skills, but even after Of all these episodes, only Youta and Yoshioka made an impression. Others, they are there…

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I'd rather see Sambe in action a little more, I liked him much more and would have done a better partner. Sure, it would still have made everything easier, but it would be temporary until Claire and Shuichi to unlock the power that was used when Yoshioka merged with the. And this is where I think, some characters work for me, others They might as well not be there and it would be the same to me. Ok i'm exaggerating but When the gap is so big for me, I can't help but mention it.

I see the strange things, first characters, then the story and so on. I like how Claire and her sister Elena have worked, especially now that Yoshioka knows a little more about the secrets that Shuichi does not know he possesses. There There are three elements that help the protagonist's progress. Sambe and Youta for their part are characters, although not so interesting, they provide a little more variety for action and their own way of acting and contrasting with the protagonists out of combat. The others, because they have their convenience here and there, but meh.

At least the Introducing the next enemy helped speed up the pace again. For real Enjoy the scenes where the enemy boss took the leadership of the scene. He is someone peculiar, in a sense with which one can sympathize little, but you still have a strange taste when you think about how easy I end up with that girl. He has his way of doing things, but at least it doesn't seem unreasonable to me, especially considering the circumstances.

From upcoming episodes I hope to see this character be successfully developed as a mini boss before moving on to Elena's group. So once we got there, it would be much more satisfying to me, especially since, supposed to get there, there shouldn't be a comparatively weak duo Shuichi and Claire anymore if you look at the other monsters shown so far.

© 武田 す ん ・ 講 談 社 / グ レ イ プ ニ ル 製作 委員会

And finally, is there really someone with a hundred coins already !? That can't be good, Yoshioka better mention it as soon as possible (no more interruptions at the moment the character was going to speak please). Forget the pickup, this is a big deal, right? It is something like the end goal. I think this is going to get a little crazy.


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