Here we go again, that old fox from @Lowcostcosplayth has struck again. The latest low budget creation by the brilliant cosplayer is nothing less than one of the most iconic transformations of Dragon Ball Super, the divine form of the Quintessence of Instinct, also known as Ultra Instinct, exhibited by Goku during the Tournament of Power.

The emotions experienced by many fans at the sight of this transformation has in some ways reminded that symbol of the brand, that Super Saiyan of the legend that was transformed with anger on the planet Namek during the clash with Freeza. Many were disappointed that they had to wait dozens of episodes in Dragon Ball Super in the hope that Goku managed to use that power, but when it finally exploded in all its power the doubts were immediately dispelled. The silver hair of the Saiyan and the divine aura that enveloped it became quickly the new favorite transformation by fans.

@Lowcostcosplayth after having already demonstrated his skills with other incredible cosplay like a low cost Inuyasha or, again to stay in the Dragon Ball theme, a perfect low budget reproduction of Goku Super Saiyan Blue, he returns to play the protagonist of the adventures of the world created by Akira Toriyama. Thanks to correct lighting and the foam of a shampoo, the divine Ki is ready to overwhelm the enemies.

What do you think of this hilarious cosplay?

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Lonelymam and his shampoo #lowcostcosplay #dragonball #shampoo #art

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