The success of My Hero Academia is undeniable, but what exactly the author thinks about it Kohei Horikoshi? The mangaka answered this and other questions in the unpublished "Volume R", a free mini-volume distributed some time ago in Japan to anyone who bought a movie ticket My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising.

The first question the author answered was "Which manga did you read as a kid?", to which, Horikoshi said:"I think many already know this, but one of the first shonen I fell in love with was Dragon Ball. I read a lot as a boy so I don't remember all the titles, but Naruto, ONE PIECE and Bleach are the ones that have impressed me. I also read several dark manga".

After discussing the making off of My Hero Academia, the mangaka also spoke of the incredible success in the West: "At first I didn't really believe it. My editor said something like "The popularity overseas is incredible!", But I didn't think of something so exaggerated. With My Hero Academia I never did something so different from the other Jump series, so I thought I was just lucky. The other year, however, I was a guest for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con, and I began to understand what my publisher meant. Those people were true, in front of me, and their eyes shone as they spoke of my work. I was speechless. I also remember a girl dressed as Mt. Lady, and I was very happy to see so much respect even towards secondary characters. That visit made me realize that I must continue like this. I have to work hard".

And what do you think of it? Does the manga deserve all this success? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! Meanwhile, we remind you that Volume 27 of My Hero Academia will see the light on July 3rd, and that the mangaka has created a beautiful sketch to promote it!

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