What seemed like a very common bar to star Ken Kaneki Tokyo Ghoulhas become a lifeline. Anteiku is the meeting place for the ghouls of the 20th parish; Let's discover all of its secrets.

In the work created by Sui Ishida, the world is divided between the common human civilization and the dark underground universe of ghouls, terrible beings that stalk people at night. The protagonist of Tokyo Ghoul has become half a monster when he unwittingly transplanted the organs of a ghoul after an accident. After transforming, the boy struggled his new cannibal nature.

Looking for a place that could answer your questions, Ken takes refuge in the Antiiku, a very common bar, but only in appearance. Anteiku is actually a neutral area where both humans and ghouls can coexist peacefully. Finally in a safe place, Ken starts to work in the bar, where he is taught life again. Lost between two worlds, Kaneki finally manages to find refuge. The beloved protagonist came to life in this film in a stunning, fan-made 3DCG Tokyo Ghoul animation. If you don't want to become a ghoul too, check out the new range of Tokyo Ghoul Masks.

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