With the arrival in October, the debut of the eagerly anticipated closing season of The attack of the giants comes closer and closer and with it the first indiscretions regarding the format of the anime: will the fourth series be divided into two parts or will it continue to accompany the end of the paper counterpart?

The appointment is set for December 7, 2020 when the first episode of The Attack of the Giants 4 closes the beginning of the last season of a series that has completely changed the balance of animation in recent years, also and especially in the West. The load on Studio MAPPA's shoulders is very heavy and the company must do everything possible to meet the expectations of an extremely demanding audience.

Anyway, recently an insider, The checkeras well as the one who was expecting the anime to air in December along with others, made it clear on his Twitter profile that The attack of the Giants 4 does not take place in split couror in two parts, separated by a transitional season, but presumably consisting of one big weekly tirade until the finale. This indicates on the one hand a duration of at least 20 episodes and on the other hand the fear of Studio MAPPA which, given the workload it has been dealing with lately, could give up on quality.

So we just have to wait for the month of December to discover the truthfulness of this statement, as well as the final qualitative yield of an anime that can certainly be talked about in the months to come. As for you, what do you expect from the last series instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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