Black Clover 266: Asta starts training but his opponent will be hard to beat

The defeats that the protagonists of Black Clover have suffered in the previous chapters were severe. Three fronts, three great battles, but practically no victory. Let's see What happened in Black Clover 266?.

Magical Emperor Julius Nova Chrono talks about telecommunication magic with Gaja, who is informed about the latest developments. The man from the realm of the heart warns against this You are training for the invasion That will happen in a few days and the elves will also take care of Noelle and the others to make sure they can improve their powers.

Then he hands the turn over to Nacht, who bluntly tells the Black Bull boys that they are useless even if he asks them to do whatever they can to get stronger within two days. The deputy captain separates from all and he takes Asta with him to a barren region where only a ruined castle seems to stand: This was the home of a noble family that has since disappeared, about whom Tabata could speak in the future and which was viewed as a photo in a partially covered strategic vignette.

The protagonist of Black Clover cannot help but follow night and then be thrown into a ritual room achieved thanks to the magic of the shadows. Here the deputy captain of the Black Bull reports that if Asta wants to control the demon, he has to make a pact with him. To do this, however, he must defeat him and, in response, die Asta's right arm disappears.

After a few seconds in front of him, a black figure hovers in the air, while part of the face seems to be reminiscent of that of an evil Asta. Black Clover will return next week with Chapter 267.

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