During the event “Air Macross F Live 2021 ~ Mada Mada Futari wa Kore Kara! Watashi-tachi no Uta o Kike !! ~ ”, Broadcast live in Japan, it was announced that the franchise of Macross Frontier will have a new animated short film. The short film is titled Macross Frontier: Toki no Meikyuu and will be released parallel to the film in Japan this year Macross Delta: Zettai LIVE !!!!!!.

The promotional image revealed for this new animation project was created by the character designer Risa Ebataand denotes the sentence: "Can you hear these voices». In addition, this short film lists Shoji Kawamori already Studio Nue with the original story, while Kawamori is also responsible for directing, writing the scripts and planning the project in the studios. Satelight. After all, Flying Dog The production of the soundtrack will be credited.

On the other hand, Macross Frontier It was an original anime that aired in Japan in 2008 to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the franchise. Macross. The film was later released Macross F Film 1: Itsuwari no Utahime in 2009, followed by Macross F Film 2: Sayonara no Tsubasa In 2011, an alternate version of the original events was unveiled.

Macross Frontier Synopsis

After a catastrophic war against a giant race known as the "Zentradi", mankind fled to the center of the galaxy on board a fleet of colonial ships called the "Macross Frontier". As the alien threat keeps falling back, life on the Macross Frontier goes on as usual.

In 2059, a young apprentice mecha pilot named Alto Saotome and his colleagues are preparing to perform a backing routine for famous singer Sheryl Nome, who has come to Macross Frontier for a concert. During the performance, a biomechanical alien species known as the "Vajra" suddenly appears. She breaks through the defensive area around the ship and lands near the concert hall, throwing the entire city into chaos. As the concertgoers evacuate, a young woman named Ranka Lee is left behind and attacked by the vajra, but Alto saves her at the last minute. Following these events, the Strategic Military Service program examines Alto's combat strength, leading to his recruitment to combat the new alien threat.

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