There was a revolution in the Weekly Shonen Jump in 2020, between started and finished titles, especially of depth. One of the titles that benefited from the huge sales was Mashle, a manga by Hajime Komoto who managed to attract good audiences in and out of the magazine for its comedy and action.

In fact, it has been confirmed as a solid title in weekly Shonen Jump polls over time, while sales of Mashle's volumes had totaled 1.4 million copies. Now, with the publication of Volume 7 of the manga in Japan, the edition dates have been updated. It was confirmed that Mashle has 2.1 million printed copies, that is, on average, about 300 thousand volumes.

The news doesn't end here with writer Hajime Komoto giving one very important news about Mashle's future. In the comment the author put on Volume 7 that leaked in the past few hours, he revealed to the public that Mashle is already halfway through the story. Given the current path, that means Mashle could finish between 14 and 17 volumes, not many compared to the ultra-long-lasting Weekly Shonen Jump titles we've been used to over the past few decades.

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