A few years ago, Guerrilla Games released a video game that has captured a place in the hearts of fans. Horizon Zero Dawn has teleported us into a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by robot animals and in which few humans have survived. there The protagonist of the series is Aloy, a red-haired girl who wanders the barren lands of America.

The popularity that the character and video game found has been huge, enough to spur the release of Horizon Zero Dawn on other platforms cancel and produce the sequel Horizon Forbidden West and finally to partner with Genshin Impact, one of the most famous and popular video games of today.

So it is no coincidence that the network is full of Cosplay dedicated to Aloy. Who better, who worse, many models have ventured into real-life recreation of the character of Guerrilla Games, which is no easy task given the costumes and items Aloy brings with him. Cosplayer Ela Arvedui did it, however, and in the past few hours she's been sharing hers with fans Aloy cosplay in nature, with a well-decorated and apparently detailed costume. The photos below show off the character well.

Unfortunately, Aloy was at the center of a controversy when she appeared in Horizon Forbidden West.

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