The Sannin are legendary ninjas, icons of the world of Naruto. We know all three well, from the perverted jiraiya to the harsh tsunade, but the first to be fully introduced by Masashi Kishimoto was Orochimaru, the ninja with a snake-like appearance and a fat villain from manga and anime for a long time.

The former Akatsuki member has always been in search of eternity and his devious studies have led him to become estranged from Konoha and become a traitorous ninja. In Naruto we often see him with white skin, long black hair, and pink markings under his eyes, but that’s just a farce. In fact, thanks to his Furō Fushi no Jutsu (不 老不死 の 術, technique of immortality) was able to change bodies several times in the course of his life. Therefore, its original appearance has long since disappeared, what is applied to its body is just a mask.

In Naruto, Orochimaru changes his body six timessome of which were spotted thanks to the various scenes in the manga. The first body is an unknown, as is the second that Orochimaru Itachi confronted with. The Uchiha has severed the Sannin’s arm who was forced to change bodies and be reborn as the woman he used for the Chunin tournament and the attack on the Leaf Village. With the seal of his arms, he was again forced to change bodies by choosing the young Genyumaru, as Sasuke did not arrive at the shelter on time.

Own Sasuke was his container for a short time, but Itachi managed to free Orochimaru from his little brother’s body during their confrontation in the clan’s hiding place. Finally, Orochimaru returns for the last time by being reborn as Zetsu. So these are all true aspects of Orochimaru, currently still part of the ninja world with Mitsuki.

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