It came a few years ago Version of "Exploring the Human Body" in shonen sauceaccording to Akane Shimizu's vision. The Cells at Work anime was a surprise of the 2018 summer season, so it was renewed for more episodes. Unfortunately, these have not yet arrived after 2 years.

The anime, produced by Aniplex and entrusted to David Production, has actually been postponed after the first news was for sure released in this 2020 period. However, fans don't have to wait too long Cells at Work 2 is planned for January 2021. Then in a little over four and a half months we will see white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and others doing their best in the body they live in.

THE Content we'll see in Cells at Work 2 was anticipated by a new trailer, published a few hours ago by Aniplex. Below we see the one and a half minute video that takes us back to the body we already knew, with all of its residents taken from life and their daily duty. The date is therefore set for the new year.

There's not just the main series as several Cells at Work spin-offs are coming, each with their own story and publication.

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