Toast to Eren’s victory with Attack of the Giants

The basement of Eren Jaeger's house in Shiganshina was one of the most mysterious locations in the series and also one of the most important to reach. It took 60 episodes of The attack of the giants divided into 3 seasons to reach the goal, but in the end progress has been made that will lead to the final victory over the giants.

On the other hand, at another winery in Shiganshina, there may have been someone who tried themselves with wine, beer or one of Japan's most famous spirits, namely sake. It certainly didn't happen in the anime, but in reality you can Toast with Eren Jaeger and the other members of the Legion of Exploration for their successes against the enemies of the Giants' attack.

It really is The Giants' Attack is available in Japan. The promotional campaign for this new product is part of the promotional campaign for the final season of the anime, which will hit Japanese and non-Japanese screens in a month's time. The package shows many scenes in grayscale, while the red font stands out Beyond the wall - sake since 1866On the bottle you can see the label with a young Eren Jaeger ready to launch the attack.

Better to equip yourself with something to celebrate quickly, as the end of the attack of the giants manga is imminent.

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