Dragon Ball Super, how strong is the high priest really?  We know this

Like the chapters of Dragon Ball Super We get to know more and more precisely the different levels of power that characterize the sphere of the divine. At their head is the mysterious high priest, whose strength seems to be far superior to any other individual.

Trying to understand how powerful the high priest really is is extremely difficult with the elements present, however the manga has provided some pointers to draw a reflection. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 made it clear who he is the one who above all knows how to better use Ultra Instinct, even more so than Whis, who Goku couldn't even land a shot at.

The same angel of the seventh universe explains how that High priest is probably the strongest fighter of all multiverses. Indeed, every angel is superior to the God who helps, and in the case of the high priest he is He should even be superior to Zeno. Despite his deep indifference, one glance is enough to instill fear and even petrify a god of destruction as powerful as Beerus. Plus, all you need is your fingers to stop the attacks of Beerus and Quitela at the same time during the battle between the gods of destruction.

The abilities of the high priest touch the sphere of the absurd, since he can use the highest form of DivinationNot to mention its exceptional defensive abilities and ability to teleport any being in front of you without a blink of an eye. We don't know if Goku and the High Priest will ever have the chance to challenge each other, but it would certainly be interesting to see the highest form of Ultra Instinct on the battlefield. How powerful do you think Zeno's mysterious advisor really is? As usual, let us know your thoughts on this in the section devoted to comments.

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