Through a key visual shared on the franchise's official Twitter account, it was announced that the second cour of tiger & bunny season 2 will debut in the Netflix catalog in the fall 2022 season.

More than a decade after its debut, Tiger & Bunny 2 was released on Netflix in April 2022. As it became known, would be the second season of the anime divided into two partswith the first containing thirteen episodes in total, all available to stream on Netflix.

there second partwhich will include episodes 14 to 25, will have its world premiere on Netflix from October 7, 2022. Once again, the strange couple of Wild Tiger and Barnaby must fight for peace and find new sponsors. Can these two veterans get away with next-gen superheroes again? Let's wait to find out, here is our review of Tiger & Bunny 2.

The second course consists of the same staff who worked on the first part. Atsuko Kase will continue directing at Bandai Namco Pictures. Masafumi Nishida will continue to supervise and write the scripts for the series, while Masakazu Katsura will design the heroes' characters and suits. Taichi Mukai will present the new final theme, "Pilot".

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