The chainsaw man Destined to become a global phenomenon, it was almost certain after the release of the anime's first trailer, which immediately captured an impressive chunk of the public. In fact, sales of the paper counterpart continue to grow at a dizzying pace.

Since the series resumed its regular continuation series, which currently has 124 chapters published on Manga Plus, media attention has been growing at a dizzying pace, making Part 2 far surpassed previous expectations. Although the saga is no longer published in a magazine, Tatsuki Fujimoto hasn't given up the physical edition as new tank subscriptions are released regularly.

In this regard, the latest sales reports speak of a new milestone that has been reached through work over the past few days. Chainsaw Man has therefore officially exceeded 24 million copies in circulation, an increase of nearly 10 million from last June. At this rate, expect the series to hit 50 million very soon, perhaps close to the anime's second season.

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