The rivalry between Goku and Vegeta is now one of the central aspects in the narrative of dragon ball and although the relationship between the two Saiyans can now be described as friendship, the prince's pride often culminates in a confrontation that has been psychologically examined by an eminent scientist.

Nobuyuki Ota is Associate Professor at Chubu University and Doctor of Educational Psychology at Nagoya University and has previously signed papers and studies on the psychology of rivalry relationships. During an interview, Ota was asked what he thought of Goku and Vegeta's relationship, and the scholar replied that calling it a real rivalry was wrong.

In fact, from his point of view, it is only Vegeta who nurtures this type of bond and sees Goku as a rival, while the protagonist remains dedicated only to combat and improves as a fighter for its sake. Focusing on Vegeta, Ota commented β€œThe biggest benefit of having a rival is Give meaning to what you do. If you want to win against someone at all costs, it's easier to put in the effort... Rivalries, where one person wants to be as strong as another, are the most common."

Ota then continued with: β€œThis type of rivalry includes instances where both sides have a similar level of competency, but an individual may perceive the rival as better...for these types of individuals, their rivals are slightly superior and therefore often compete with them. leads to personal development."

In the recent narrative implications of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta seems to have finally given up the will to hunt down Goku in order to overcome him and embarked on a personal path following the teachings of the god of destruction Beerus. Let us know what you think about this analysis in the comments.

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