We continue to discover details of the fourth season of The Seven Deadly Sins, this time we talk about the artists responsible for it Open and close passages the upcoming unreleased episodes of the animated series.

As you know, the new season entitled "Dragon judgment“in the west will definitely end the adventures of characters born of the spirit of Nakaba Suzuki. During the episodes we will be able to hear the new musical theme that depicts the adventures of the protagonists, entitled "Hikari are"and sung by Akihito Okano. The song"Time."Instead it will be the end of the betting and consisted of Hiroyuki Sawano and ReoNa. The fans are very curious to hear these songs for the first time as you can read in the comments on the tweet at the bottom of the news.

Finally, remember that the coronavirus pandemic has postponed the debut of the animated series, which will be available in Japan from January 6, 2021, while in the rest of the world it will be part of the Netflix catalog in the following months. This season we can find the DEEN Studio in Collaboration with Marvy Jackwhile the direction is entrusted to Susumu Nishizawa. Finally, we recommend this cosplay dedicated to Merlin from The Seven Deadly Sins, one of the most famous and beloved characters in the anime.

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