War shows up on the pages of ONE PIECE and there are several twists. In the final chapter of the manga in particular, the events with Big Mom and Sanji left fans holding their breath. Let's see.

The fight between the vassals of Oden and Kaido continues and while the latter begins a devastating counterattack between the sides of ONE PIECE, the author does not seem to give the protagonists a moment of rest. As we all know, the pirates are from Grandmother have allied with those of the mighty emperor to form one of the most fearsome pirate alliances ever seen in manga history and in this final installment of the Woman's series has decided to reunite with the ally on the scene of the battle. When the two former members of Pirates Rock get back together, there seems to be no way out for the samurai.

With the participation of the Straw Hat crew in the war and with the help of some supernovas, the Red sheaths You cannot have been left without hope. The protagonists are indeed engaged on several fronts. We see, for example, Zoro, Robin, Brook and Chopper in the central square, with the latter struggling with a terrible virus featured in the last few chapters of ONE PIECE while on the third floor of Kaido's Castle. Luffy, Jinbei and Sanji You are trying to reach the roof where the powerful enemies are. However, the latest release ends up showing the chef's gaze for what it appears to be interested in a particular conversation instead of fighting.

Who could be behind the rumors that caught Sanji's attention? Let us know your guesses in the comments.

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