The editorial Suiseisha announced that the Yaoi manga is written and illustrated by Io Kajiwara, Maou Evelogia ni Mi wo Sasage yo ((Reinincarnated in the world of the demon king Evelogia) will have an anime adaptation next project of ComicFesta Anime.

Kajiwara began publishing the manga through digital services ComicFesta Y. Comic mecha in April 2020 and the service Coolmic publishes the piece worldwide in English. The editorial Suiseisha will publish the first compilation volume on February 18, which includes a drama CD with voice acting.


  • Avoid theory as "Eve" Evelogia.
  • Takuya Satou like Gozu.
  • Daisuke Kageura as a "member of the Yakuza".
  • Masahiro Okazaki as "Eva's father".
  • Noriko Fujimoto as "Eva's mother".
  • Arahi Hirakawa as a "secondary boy".

Synopsis of Maou Evelogia ni Mi wo Sasage yo

The story begins when the aimless man in life, Toshiaki Gozu, is killed and resuscitated in a new world as a supporting character in a video game he played in his other life. Gozu meets the demon king Evelogia, the last boss of the game, whom Gozu has admired since childhood. Gozu begins wooing Evelogia by admitting, "I'm in love with you," and so they begin their journey to world domination.

Source: Comic Natalie

Š æĸļ 原 äŧŠ įˇ’ 「魔įŽ‹ イ ブ ロ ã‚Ž ã‚ĸ ãĢ čēĢ čēĢ 捧 げ よ」


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