Pokémon Exploration: The protagonists capture a legend

The pocket monsters anime series based on the Sword and Shield games from the title continues Pokémon exploration. With the last episode broadcast, a large narrative arc ends with a surprising epilogue. Let's see what happened.

Pokémon exploration leads us together with the protagonists Ash and Goh to the Galar region, where the two boys will have the task Investigate the Dynamax phenomenon Several Pokémon are randomly involved by increasing their size. As mentioned in the opening theme of the series, the two coaches face each other Eternatus.

This legendary creature is involved in episode 45 of the series. First Ash and Goh are busy fighting Chariman Rose and his assistant Oleana, but as soon as they are defeated the boys close Leon to find him engaged in a fight against Eternatus. The Pokémon appears to be on the verge of going mad and continues to attract particles of energy from Galar. takes on its gigamax form.

After this last transformation, the region's champion no longer seems to be able to stand up to the comparison and is soon replaced by the two protagonists, who also manage to win thanks to the region's intervention two legendary Pokémon Zacian and Zamazenta. At the end of the fight, the monster can then be captured, and as we see in the tweet video at the end of the news, Goh will be successful in the company with Ash's help throw a giant poké ball.

Unfortunately for those who thought we were going to see one of the protagonists walking around with a legendary team Unfortunately, the boy will decide to deliver the Pokémon in the hands of the authorities of Galar.

What do you think of this episode? Did you see it? Did you like it? I remember that episode 46 of Pokémon Explorations is about to be released with a new saga, and we also bring you our guide on where to see all the Pokémon anime series.

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