The legendary story of The zodiac knightsKnown at home and around the world under the original name of Saint Seiya, it has fascinated entire generations. The Adventure of Pegasus is very popular to this day and it is no coincidence that many statuettes are made on Seiya God Cloth.

And not just statuettes and cosplay, because The Knights of the Zodiac continues today with many spin-offs, including the most recently announced Saint Seiya MeiΠΎΜ„iden Dark Wing. But do you instead remember the original '80s saga that introduced us to the world of Masami Kurumada? At that time, Athena's warriors clashed with many enemies during various sagas. Let's see How many legends of the original knights of the zodiac are there?.

The manga was written and drawn by Masami Kurumada and published in Weekly Shonen Jump in 28 volumes. The first saga in history is the Sanctuary saga, which runs from Volume 1 to Volume 13. then follows the saga of Neptune from volumes 14 to 18; Finally, the final saga of the manga of the Knights of the Zodiac is Saga of Hades, which lasts from volume 19 to 28. The manga of Saint Seiya therefore has a total of 3 sagas.

The anime Knights of the Zodiac has the same number of sagas with a total of 118 episodes. There are some changes, however, as the story doesn't cover that of the manga. The first saga remains the same, that of the sanctuary. It is the second saga that is different and original, or the Asgard saga that is specially created for the anime. The product then ended with the adaptation of the Neptune sagaand return to the stories of the manga.

Fans had to wait until 2003 to see Hades and his story arc in an animated version. Instead, this 2020 we revamped Netflix's remake of The Knights of the Zodiac.

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