On the official page of the film 7. Sisters of Tokyo: Bokura wa Aozora ni Naru, the feature film based on the game for smartphones Tokyo 7th sistersIt has been announced that the Blu-ray version will be released in Japan next May 26th.

The standard edition costs 5,800 yen (about $ 56) while the special edition costs 11,800 yen (about $ 113). This special edition includes some perks like three fifty-two page brochures with different illustrations and production materials as well as information about the franchise and a special packaging and storage design.

The film was released in Japanese cinemas on February 26th and is confirmed with a duration of 77 minutes. In fact, the premiere was originally scheduled for the 2020 summer season (July-September) but was delayed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on production. For his part, donuts released the original Tokyo 7th Sisters game for iOS and Android devices in February and November 2014, respectively. The franchise has previously inspired several manga and novel adaptations.

Production team

  • Shintarou MotegiThe game's director was credited with creating the overall concept, writing the scripts and producing the music.
  • Takayuki Kitagawa was responsible for directing the feature film in LandQ Studioswith the support of Masakazu Sunagawa and the production of Toei animation.
  • Yosuke Kikuchi has adapted original character designs for animation and also serves as animation director.
  • Yoshiaki Dewa composed the soundtrack under the musical production of Victor Entertainment.

About Tokyo 7th Sisters

In this game, players take on the role of a new manager in Studio 777 (Three Seven) and have to recruit promising young idols. The game mixes up and focuses on both the main story and character development with a rhythm mechanic. Idols compete to win the admiration of fans and develop their skills through original songs from the game.

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