Super Dragon Ball Heroes presents the new saga of space-time warfare with an opening announcing the various clashes that we can witness. Let's see it together.

In the past episodes, during the fight between Vegetto and Broly, the latter were transported to one new universe created by the scientist Fuu. It seems that the next adventures of the Z Warriors and the members of the Time Patrol will take place in this very location.

Thanks to the new opening theme, we can discover the many characters who will star in this part of the story. Between great returns We notice a few bad guys like Freeza and Cooler in gold form, Hearts and even Cell, but there are also new fighters that very little is known about, including the mysterious opponent, the Broly at the opening of Super Dragon Ball Heroes and the mighty one masked Saiyan faces shown in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes teaser.

It seems that an important presence is also being made by Gohan, so far not in the spin-off while Hearts You see him fighting next to the protagonist and casting doubts about the evil nature of the character, which we also find next to a device in which Cumber is found.

What do you think of this opening topic? Curious how the story of the series will continue? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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