There are many holy knights who protect Athena, the goddess incarnated in the body of Saori Kido. The first line of defense of this deity descended to earth are the bronze knights, five of which are the true protagonists of The Zodiac Knights. However, above Saint Seiya and his companions, there are first the silver knights and then the golden ones.

Armored in their golden armor, these warriors are among the strongest available to Athena and embody the strength of the cosmos of some very special constellation, namely that of the zodiac. However, the golden knights of the Knights of the Zodiac were confronted by the boys. We continue our surveillance of the group with what comes after Shaka Dohko of Libra.

After the House of the Virgin comes the House of Libra, which was actually unguarded when the Five Horsemen reached the Temple. This is because its owner is Dohko, Sirius' elder master, who is no longer able to fight like he once was. This is the oldest Golden Saint around and was once a very strong man with reddish hair and a confident smile. He is armored from neck to toe, has two shields on his wrists, and can fight with two spears placed behind his back.

Dohko didn't appear very often in Knights of the Zodiac, whose history was mostly associated with Next Dimensions and Lost Canvas. Tasked with guarding the Seal of Hades, however, he acquires the Misopetha-Menos, a technique that slows his heartbeat to preserve his youth, becoming one of the longest-lived characters in The Knights of the Zodiac. It is only when Death Mask of Cancer arrives at Mount Lu that his true identity as a former knight is discovered.

During the saga of Hades, due to clashing with Shion, the armor of Libra comes to his aid and restores his youth, which made him come back as before, ready to fight. He will smite so many specters until he finds himself in front of the wall protecting the Elysian Fields along with the other golden knights and sacrifices himself to let the bronze knights pass.

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