The 2022 World Cup has officially started and the entire international community has started to support the sporting event through more or less original initiatives. For example, a clothing company wanted to celebrate the event with a series of unusual uniforms.

If you want to follow the 2022 World Cup with the right spirit, but without giving up the passion that binds you to anime, then the gimmick is by Shibuya Collections It's for you. The company has in fact developed a range of fully personalized t-shirts featuring some of the most famous series of Japanese animation, such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, My Hero Academia and many more to see games in an original way.

At the end of the news you can take a look at some of these concepts, although each of the uniforms can be pre-ordered through the website attached to the source, at a price of 35 euros each. In addition, always on the Shibuya Collectibles portal, you can check out all the company's other proposals, which amount to a a total of 36 individual t-shirts with anime motifs.

But speaking of the World Cup, have you seen the Blue Lock fans' reaction to Japan's win over Germany? Tell us what you think about these uniforms by leaving a comment in the appropriate box below.

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