The knights of the zodiac: Seiya shows his power in an imposing 700 euro statue

The legend of Knights of the Zodiac was born in 1985 from the manga by Masami Kurumada and has managed to capture millions of fans. To this day he has succeeded in establishing himself in the industry thanks to remakes in CG, new series and even live action.

Among the many characters present in the work, the most iconic is, of course the protagonist Seiya, first bronze rider of the constellation Pegasus and later gold rider of Sagittarius. Seiya was also the leader of the Bronze Knights in the service of the goddess Athena, a group consisting of Sirio, Cristal, Andromeda, and Phoenix.

To commemorate Seiya's first appearance with Pegasus armor, the company TsumeArt has created a spectacular collector's statue that depicts the protagonist in his classic pose. As you can see in the presentation video at the end of the news, The realization is incredibly detailedand whoever buys the product receives the magnificent base with the Greek name of the knight, the container with the bronze cloth, the cosmic currents that are to be applied to Seiya's arms and legs, and of course the figure.

The statue is approximately 50 cm tall and is a limited edition. only 1,800 copies were producedand each piece is identified by both the certificate of authenticity included in the packaging and the number under the base. The figure will be available for interested parties from the second half of 2021 and can already be pre-ordered 700 euro.

Remember, Seiya came to life in a fantastic female cosplay, and we leave you a lovely advertisement for condoms from the Knights of the Zodiac.

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