We are often used to seeing that Pokémon engaged in battles but keep in mind that some of these monsters look like powerful terrible looking warriors, others have cute traits, and can offer satisfying hugs. Here are the ones who are best trained.

Dragonite. Despite the appearance of a large dragon, and therefore the last creature you want to get a hug from, it must be remembered that this Pokémon is a Pokémon very smart and it is customary to provide relief to the castaways and those who risk drowning. These properties suggest that the monster knows how to control its strength and is likely to be able to give a hug that transmits all of its will protect others.

Blissey. This Pokémon has the abilities of a nurse, of course, and although it is a seemingly uncomfortable size, it is actually very soft. In addition, it has the ability to Perceive emotionsgive eggs to sad and lonely people. Surely this creature will be able to make any person who needs it feel loved and comfortable.

Lopunny. This species develops thanks to the friendship with its trainer and is described as very cautious. She can't stand someone who touches her too hard. Because of this, it is easy to imagine that, with attention, she could exchange warm hugs. The description of the Video game shield version Pokédex also shows that the Pokémon is covered in "soft and fluffy fur" in winter, which would make it even more welcoming.

Pangoro. Though enormous in size and strength, this bear-like Pokémon has a gentle heart and is covered in soft fur, making it a comfortable protective hug.

Gengar. Since this creature is of the spectrum type and has a habit of lowering the ambient temperature while hiding, it may not seem the most suitable on this occasion. However, this little monster is actually looking for affection and can offer a hug that is on par with a Blissey, with the addition of what this Pokémon can too Make your trainer laugh.

And what do you think about it Would you like to be hugged by one of these monsters? Let us know in the comments.

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