The popularity of the pirate epic signed by Eiichiro Oda, ONE PIECE, is undisputed for the animation sector. On TV Time, Toei Animation's anime achieved a surprising result in the ranking of the most watched programs, as did Monkey D. Luffy in the top dedicated to characters.

2022 was a year marked by major returns, like the fourth season of Stranger Things, the sixth and last of Peaky Blinders, but also of equally surprising debuts, such as the horror fantasy series Wednesday distributed on Netflix. Obviously there are many other productions that have had great success internationally and in the huge range of 2022 such classifications allow for a better understanding of industry developments.

Mugiwara's experience in the land of Wa, from the alliance with the rebels to destroy the rule of Orochi and Kaido, to the protagonists' intense battles against some of the series' most powerful enemies 2022 as an incredible year for Oda's workalso for the success of the film ONE PIECE: RED.

The viewers rewarded the series with a choice Luffy as one of the most popular TV characters. The protagonist actually positioned himself as you can see in the graphic below Third in the lead, just after Eleven from Stranger Things and Wednesday the series of the same name. An extraordinary result considering that among the six appearing, Luffy and his voice actress Mayumi Tanaka are the only ones from the animation field.

What do you think of this recognition that Luffy has achieved? Tell us in the comments. Finally, we'll let you find out who, according to the readers, will die in ONE PIECE in 2023.

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