Party like a manga gag halfway between Harry Potter and One-Punch Man, mash by Hajime Komoto actually emerged as a work with its own identity and quickly became one of the most-watched shonen in Weekly Shonen Jump. The success left readers clamoring for an anime that has finally revealed itself in a new trailer.

The teaser trailer released in early July 2022 did not show any actual animations, only theirs Scenes taken directly from the manga, and generic illustrations. This time, however, through the video that you can see at the top of the page, which lasts only 40 seconds, A-1 Pictures showed the first official sequences of the anime.

From the fantastic panorama where you can see the magnificent Easton Magical Academy, we move on to the presentation of the protagonist Mash, perfectly rendered while preparing to meet a hooded opponent in the woods that surround the school's territory surround. Unlike other people living in this world, Mash was born without any magical ability. The protagonist was found by a man when he was still a baby and grew up far from the world of magic with hard training interested in his fitness, sports and cream puffs.

However, when a shady figure discovers his secret and threatens his adoptive father, Mash is forced to enroll at Easton Academy, beginning a series of adventures. between fights, everyday school life and crazy gags. Let us know what you think of the first shown sequences from the Mashle anime in the comments.

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