Isayama, father of the very successful international brand de The attack of the giants for the illustration of Eren and Co. in New York he had already taken up the brush.

It was his first trip to North America and afterwards he was warmly welcomed by the fans in attendance in the Big Apple City the turn of the French will soon come to show the mangaka all their affection.

In fact, the author of The Attack of the Giants will soon end up in the New Aquitaine region of France, more precisely in the municipality of Angoulême. That french comic festival it will take place very soon. In cold January 2023 from the 26th to the 29th the Raja event will have its fiftieth edition and from the tweet below we can see what Eren thinks.

The demon-possessed appearance of Eren in his final form is already at the center of the key art of The Attack of the Giants Season 4 Part 3. In this poster, the space dedicated to the boy is also not small. Two-thirds it is his face: the representation of a son, a friend, a companion who has lived through many before reaching his climax. The expression is full of hate and in the upper part of the key art we find the colossal reacting to the advance of terror. The poster also shows a stylization of the Eiffel Tower. The background of white dots versus the general black tint could represent snow, stars, or even ash.

Will Eren be able to realize his plans? What will be the answer from him friends?

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