The fight that ended the extraordinary World Coronation Series Pokemon: Explorations showed the true strength of the bond Ash and Pikachu have shared for more than 25 years. However, during the battle, a vision received by the Pokémon revealed another great component of Ketchum's adventure that is essential for any trainer.

there ash story captivated millions of viewers over the course of more than 1000 episodes, and finally, Biancavilla's trainer managed to claim the title of World Champion by defeating Dandel in one of the most intense challenges in the entire Pokémon anime. The victory was possible thanks to the efforts of all his faithful companions and in particular Pikachuwhich, as you can see in the clip below, was spurred on by all of Ash's captured Pokémon during their adventure.

In a touching scene, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charizard and all the other little monsters up to Incineroar, Dracovish and Lucario help Pikachu regain the necessary energy to face Dandel's best Pokémon. Let us know what you think of this incredible scene from the World Coronation Series finals in the comments. Finally we leave you with the titles of the next episodes of Pokémon: Explorations.

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