chainsaw man It's a work shaped by moments and characters that often clash with the violence and themes covered throughout the story. Tatsuki Fujimoto has now accustomed his readers to this contrast, which can also be found in little Pochita, the chainsaw devil, considered by fans to be lovable but a bringer of destruction and death.

Although the story revolves around the journey of Denji and his companions as devil hunters in public security, Little remains one of the community's favorite characters, and a fan decided to make it more realistic by making the short video that you can find at the bottom of the page. Artist nox3Dartist took some time to rethink Pochita's design by imagining it in a more realistic context, and then animate it in 3D.

The result is impressive and continues to last applause from the community that so far he has only had the opportunity to see a two-dimensional version of the little devil. And what do you think of this tribute to Pochita? Leave a comment below with your opinion. Finally we leave you with the opening of Chainsaw Man revisited with the characters of Animal Crossing and the hypotheses on how many chapters the first season of the MAPPA anime will adapt.

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