Now the wait is really over: in less than a month Dragon Ball Super: Superhero will debut in Japanese cinemas. Produced by TOEI Animation, the film promises revolutionary animations that we could already admire in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer.

The latest Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero news has been revealed by the Japanese shonen manga magazines, which also gave us a glimpse into the design of each character in the film. We saw Gohan in Piccolo's battle suit, but also Broly in his Saiyan battle suit.

On the other hand, we never focused on one character bulmawho will appear in the movie wearing the yellow Capsule Corp mechanic suit. Japanese clothing brand XLARGE has signed an agreement to manufacture a clothing line for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and the first leaked on the internet is L'Bulma's outfit.

As we can see in the picture at the bottom of the message, the dress is a unique yellow piece with a belt. While the front of the dress is virtually identical to Bulma's, we find it on the back the XLARGE brand to replace that of the Capsule corp The total price of the garment is said to be around $130 (approx. €123).

The fact that Bulma's outfit was priced in US dollars suggests that might be the case Pieces from the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero collection may also arrive in Europe, but there are no confirmations on this. We'll just have to wait for the debut of the XLARGE apparel line to find out more.

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