The fifteenth film in the pirate epic conceived by Eiichiro Oda is expected to be released on August 6, 2022 in Japan. ONE-PIECE: RED it appears to be unique from several points of view. The latest news from Toei Animation concerned the introduction of Sunny-kun in the film, a character that already has the most ardent fans discussing.

Presented as one personification of the thousand sunny ones, Schiff, which has now accompanied the Straw Hat crew on most of the dangerous and long voyages, Sunny-kun has elicited mixed reactions from the community, dividing them into two large groups: those who appreciate the character's design and those who don't see the time in action, and who instead finds it frightening and unsettling.

As you can see from the various posts at the bottom of the page, some fans even created some artwork with Sunny-kun, some of them, imagining that an important ally of the Mugiwara, ready to unleash the Gaon Cannon, others make it extremely disturbing instead. And what do you think of Sunny-kun's arrival? Did the design convince you? Let us know your impressions by leaving a comment below.

Finally, remember that more details about Uta and Shanks have been revealed in the new promotional material, and we'll let you find out if 3DCG will be in the film.

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