Horikoshi managed to make one of the most important and significant chapters of My Hero Academy. The latest date with the manga featured the epic clash between Shoto and Dabi, and in the new chapter, available now on Manga Plus, the spread of rumors about the outcome of the fight leads readers to observe the vastness of the conflict.

As anticipated by the full spoilers for Chapter 353, the spread of the Shoto Todoroki's win against an opponent of Dabi's caliber In the end, it lifted the spirits of all the main heroes on the front lines, as well as those who, like All Might, hope to see their teammates' efforts. And it's right on theex number one and symbol of peace that the task of communicating this important result to others is delegated.

If, on the one hand, all of Shoto's companions show greater determination and pride towards his friend, on the other hand, the villain who had put full faith in Dabi, as crackhead, they react with anger and disbelief and unleash all their resources. As word spreads, Iida helps Shoto and it is discovered that Dabi is actually still alive.

The scene then moves to Gunga Mountain Resort where Hawks ed Make an effort they find out about the fight. All For One, ready to stage one of his monologues, doesn't hesitate to directly provoke Enji Todoroki and tell him he can't win at an incredible final table.

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