After the truth about the basement was discovered, the world behind the walls has changed radically. The simple "humanity" of de The attack of the giants, there was no longer a simple fight between humans and monsters, no. Now it was full-blown warfare against a world that no longer wanted the Eldians and had besieged them for centuries.

After the sacrifice of Erwin Smith, the Command of the Reconnaissance Army passed to Hangi Zoe, former head of the science department and engaged in the study of giants for years. However, given the situation inside the Walls, the Recon Army has actually become a key member of the Army, completely transformed and adapted to the new world of Attack of the Giants.

However, the leader of the former reconnaissance division remains Hangi Zoe, this time with a conspicuous eyepatch covering the wound sustained during the Battle of Shiganshina and a black suit that allows the use of the new three-dimensional maneuvering equipment. Eva disguises herself in it like her Hangi Zoe cosplay from Attack on Titan season 4, with everything seeming pulled from the anime born from the mind of Hajime Isayama. Goggles, blindfold, equipment and emblem make this a disguise far too faithful to the original.

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