The third season of Mob Psycho 100 has started and the first two parts lived up to expectations: Studio BONES did an excellent job with the animations and it is really a pleasure to see ONE's work on screen.

ONE itself celebrated the new season of Mob Psycho 100 with an illustration featuring protagonists Mob and his teacher Reigen. In Mob Psycho 100 3x02, the two are joined by Amakusa Haruaki, a ghostbuster who has introduced a new breed of yokai to the work.

But that's not all. Mob Psycho 100 3x02 hides one Post-credits scenein which he returns dimple, Mob's fellow joker in the first two seasons. He hadn't shown himself in the new episodes, and Reigen himself in Mob Psycho 100 3x02 claims not to have seen him for a while.

Well, the mind is carrying out a grand final plan that in all likelihood will have something to do with giant broccoli outgrown the city beyond measure thanks to the strength Mob instilled in the season 2 finale. The huge cabbage grows underground and does not bode well.

What does Fossette want to do with the vegetables? Could he be the villain of Mob Psycho 100 season 3? Pending the answer to these questions, we'll leave you to the poll starring the roundels of Mob Psycho 100 and Sans from Undertale.

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