There are so many groups participating in the current arc of Hunter X Hunter. On the one hand there are always the hunters, whose protagonist this time is Kurapika, even if Leorio and all the rest of the organization are not missing. On the other side is the Empire, which in turn is divided into mafias, royal guards and of course the royal princes of Kakin.

In the midst of this succession battle, however, the members of the Ghost Brigade also found themselves and took on the role of protagonists in the Hunter x Hunter 395 spoilers. A chapter that always begins in the ship, beginning with Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan sneaking into a room while Hinrigh seems to have found a trail to the Heil-Ly's soldiers. Kakin's mafia family has also been targeted by the Phantom Brigade, which, however, comes to the fore with a flashback.

Nobunaga begins some memories of their childhood and youth, in this garbage heap where they played and fought. Franklin and Uborghin go head-to-head in full force while the scene is watched by some of the original members when they were younger. A videotape later taken by Quoll Lucifer is found in the trash, leading her to a large mansion nearby, where she plays with other children.

However, in this area there is a shadow with a van that seems to have kidnapped children. The chapter of Hunter x Hunter is titled "Training - Part 1" and could focus on just that Formation of the Phantom Brigade.

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