During the event Aniplex Online Fest 2022 It was announced that the project Sony music, Unite!, will have an anime adaptation for television, which will be released in Japan in January 2023. The press release confirms that the studies CloverWorks You are responsible for the production.

Sony music started the YouTube project Unite! to showcase different artists and "hidden talent" in December 2021, but there have been no major updates since then.


voice output

Various idol groups will participate in the anime adaptation, including:

  • protostar
    • Kikunosuke Toya as Akira Kiyose.
    • Ryoutarou Yamaguchi like Banri Naoe.
    • amon hirai as Chihiro Isuzugawa.
  • legit
    • Magura Sukegawa as Daiki Takao.
    • Shinnosuke Morikage as Eishiro Nijo.
    • Ryuuichiro Sakata like Fuga Togo.
  • JaxxJaxx
    • Dough like Gakuto Haruka.
    • yuki shimomae as Homare Katsura.
    • Takumi Magoshi as Izumi Kashii.
    • Kousei Tsubokura as Jun Wakasa.
    • Gaku Takumoto as Kanata Morinomiya.
  • AneLa
    • souma saitou as Lin Otsuki.
    • Yoshiki Nakajima like Maoto Tsujido.

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