The first trailer for My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission, the next original feature film to be inspired by Kohei Horikoshi’s jewel. There are many expectations for this film, also given the new costumes of the protagonists, the third one prepared by Studio BONES.

Animated films are unlikely to be completed long before their theatrical debut on August 6 in the case of My Hero Academia: World Hero Mission and the third manga-inspired feature film Horikoshi Sensei is no exception. However, the work is moving fast and currently the staff seems to be at a good point in the production, or at least it can be seen from the recent post shared on the film project’s social channels.

As you can see on Twitter at the bottom of the news, the team announced through a photo that the script had finally been completed, one of the longest and most important steps in the production phase. We know this from the information revealed Deku will find himself at the center of an international conspiracy to which our hero has to flee through stealth measures and a lot of action.

Before we refer to the greetings, we would like to remind you that there is a tribute to Star Wars hidden in the trailer for My Hero Academia: World Hero Mission. Did you notice? And you, what do you expect from this film? Please let us know as usual with a comment in the appropriate field below.

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