The end of the first part of Boruto’s anime closes a circle that will later lead to a new beginning. As Studio Pierrot’s adaptation falters, lo Boruto’s staff begins to lose the first illustrious pieces.

There The anime series Bortuo: Naruto Next Generations has been stopped not only to allow the writers to write additional chapters that can be customized, but also to allow Studio Pierrot to work on a new Naruto anime project. However, this stop leads to the first consequences.

Through a message left to fans on her Twitter, Shuhei Nakata welcomed Studio Pierrot set out for new shores. Nakata worked in Boruto as a production staff, that is, he was responsible for overseeing the programming and directing the work of the production assistants. A few years ago, he owed Boruto’s employees the increased salaries. He also held the position of Production Manager at Studio Pierrot.

Shuhei Nakata will give up these roles and thus the position at Studio Pierrot to marry at one new animation studio. At the moment his destination is not yet clear as the name of WIT Studio appears on his Twitter while other sources indicate him as a new collaborator of Studio MAPPA.

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