Recently arrived on MangaPlus, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 74 focused on the battle between Granolah and Vegeta, who took the field to replace Goku. During the fight Saiyan prince he has found the real me.

With Goku on the carpet now, Granolah's new challenger who intends avenge the extinction of his race, it's Vegeta. Before the attack, the prince tries to resolve the situation peacefully by telling the truth to the cerealiano, who, however, sticks to his beliefs.

After an exchange of blows in which he seems to have the worst, Vegeta scoffs at the opponent: "I admit, at the moment your strength and technique are better than me. But I'll still win.". Despite the Saiyan's trust, Granolah continues to demonstrate his superiority. However, the Saiyajin Prince affirms once again, not to be able to lose this fight. "Do I have to repeat myself? You may be stronger, but it is guaranteed that I won't lose to you. "

But where does that come from so confident vibe? The answer to this question comes from Vegeta himself. "That's the best thing about a fight. The result is never set in stone. That's what I love about fighting."

Then after a few cartoons he increases the dose. "What fun ... That feeling, it took years. There is no planet to protect. No people to save. Just me immersed in a battle. My happy place. The only thing that can pump the blood of a Saiyajin mad about battles. "

Finally, after saying those words, Vegeta demonstrates its true power. But do we like its new shape? Let's talk about Dragon Ball Super 74!

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