Although they won the battle against Isshiki and Momoshiki Otsutsuki, the protagonists of threaten Boruto are not finished yet. The new chapter actually finally revealed the purpose of the alien clan's actions. Let's find out together.

We had recently suffered the defeat of Isshiki took place after an uphill battle, the consequences of which turned Boruto into a terrible turn. However, the enemy's soul survived by moving inward code To pass on his ambitions and in this way the ninja has revealed some details about the members of his clan.

The Otsutsuki It is you who pull the strings behind the scenes of the ninja world. In fact, Kaguya was the cause of the actions of Madara Uchiha and the entire Akatsuki. After his death, other aliens introduced themselves to lead the new group of Borutos villains who absorbed the chakra of numerous planets to live and evolve with them the goal of becoming real gods.

In addition, the role of karmaAn energy with which it is possible to use the body of the ninja to go on living, which is currently endangering the lives of Boruto and his companions, since the boy has the mark of technology on his body and, as already happened, it is possible The Momoshiki manages to take control of the young man in order to attack his allies. It was precisely this last threat that prompted Kawaki to pursue a new target in Boruto.

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