On Saturday, April 24, 2021, a 32-year-old Japanese man was arrested for attempting to kidnap a 17-year-old girl in order to convince her to "live with him". The news reported by Yahoo Japan!, caused a lot of discussion because of its similarities to HigeHiro: I shaved, then brought a high school girl home, the anime aired on Crunchyroll.

The story begins in Kanie City in Aichi Prefecture in Chubu, Japan. Takahiro M., a man of thirty-two, was arrested for attempting to kidnap a 17-year-old high school girl known a few months earlier in social networks. The victim's mother discovered the conversations and was able to receive a message that read "I want you to come and live with me"The two had made an appointment at Chonbu Airport, but the mother was able to contact the police and have the man arrested.

Takahiro M. admitted to having started Exchange messages with the little girl in October 2020, but rejects the kidnapping allegations. Japanese law enforcement agencies are currently checking the suspect's smartphone and the court will subsequently make a decision on the matter.

The case can only be reminiscent of the HigeHiro conspiracy, the work of Shimesaba and Booota, in which a 28-year-old man begins to live with a minor who has run away from home. The anime is very successful in both Japan and the West and according to some fans The man may have been inspired by the anime to design the kidnapping. Of course, these are only guesses, but the analogies are undoubtedly there and clearly visible.

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